Hiring a Tax Lawyer Or Tax Controversy Attorney

What exactly is a tax lawyer? Tax lawyer, also known as a tax attorney or tax consultant, is a professional with knowledge of taxation law who provides advice on tax issues for his/her clients. Tax law or income tax law is a specialized field of law where official or public authorities, for example to state, national and local governments utilize a body of laws and rules to legally assess and collection taxes in a functional legal context. In countries, where government regulation is weak or nonexistent, tax lawyers offer specialized tax advice and tax relief services to their clients in order to assist them in understanding the legal regulations that govern taxation.

Tax lawyer


Tax lawyers can be private practitioners or members of any law firm, which means they can be associated with one law firm or many. A large number of small, family-run tax lawyers operate as sole proprietors. Often these sole proprietor tax lawyers operate out of their homes.


Tax controversy is the term used to describe a situation in which you, as a taxpayer are confused or unsure about tax laws or your rights and responsibilities with respect to the IRS. If you have a tax controversy case with strong tax arguments and case details, then you might need the assistance of tax attorneys or a tax-defense attorney. Tax attorneys are experts in handling IRS cases. They are also experienced in representing individuals who might be accused of tax evasion or fraud. They are fully aware of the ins and outs of the IRS and can help their clients obtain all the tax reliefs that they are entitled to, as well as challenging the IRS with the help of their knowledge and resources.


Tax attorneys or tax lawyers can handle a wide range of tax related issues including estate planning and asset protection, taxes due to federal tax lien holders, refund anticipation schemes, federal estate tax and trusts, property taxes, payroll taxes and income tax. A tax lawyer can also help with tax litigation, appeals, and even defending tax claims. It is very common for tax lawyers to be involved in some tax controversy cases throughout a year. The number of tax lawyers or tax controversy attorneys who work for one firm tends to follow the trend of how many clients the firm will handle throughout the year.


As with all law firms, there are plenty of practicing attorneys in the field, but only a select few who are well qualified to represent clients who have tax matters at hand. When considering the right firm for handling your tax lawyer or tax controversy work, you should look at the list of practicing attorneys on the firm’s website. Look for experience in your area, as well as specific experience working with clients in the area. Find out what types of tax lawyer or tax controversy work the firm does best. For example, do they focus primarily on corporate tax planning, or will they also provide counsel for small businesses? Do they have a special area of expertise, such as estate planning, or have they worked on multiple types of tax disputes?


There are plenty of considerations you’ll need to make before hiring a tax lawyer or tax controversy attorney to represent you. Do your research, make sure the firm has plenty of experience and success representing clients in your area, and then ask for a full-on evaluation of your situation. If you do all of these things and you hire the right firm, you can rest assured that your IRS problems will be taken care of efficiently and effectively. You’ll be able to focus on taking care of your tax matter, rather than worrying about whether you’ll be able to trust the tax professionals you decide to hire. If you do everything you can to hire a great tax lawyer or tax controversy attorney, you should find that your experience with IRS tax issues goes smoothly and efficiently, and you won’t have to worry about your tax issues again.